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New book explains all the damn internet trolls.

Interviews available now with Russian Nazi Troll Bots author Eric W. Saeger!
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RUSSIAN NAZI TROLL BOTS! The Busy Person’s Guide to How Trump’s Trolls Won the Internet, What’s Ahead, and What You Can Do


Let's face it, Americans need to know a lot more about the trolls we encounter every day (we could also use a few laughs about the mess we're in).

An army of internet trolls put Donald Trump in the White House, but how exactly did they do it, and what will come next? The debut book by culture critic, software expert and award winning veteran troll Eric Saeger explains the trolls' tactics in easy-to-understand fashion, and helps us laugh about the social and cultural problems trolls used as leverage. 

Using plain, non-technical language, RUSSIAN NAZI TROLL BOTS puts aside right-left partisanship to bring the troll invasion into sharp focus. From Russia and 4chan to the NRA and the weakened U.S. intelligence agencies that can't stop the online assault, this book will help every citizen understand why we were overdue for an invasion, and how future  technology will address the problem of RUSSIAN NAZI TROLL BOTS!


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